Random Cam Story:

When I was in college I lived with an older roommate. At the time I was 18 and he was 23 and he only lived one year with me before he finished and went away. The house we lived in was on old house with those big old keyholes, every voyeurs dream... And being a voyeur like I am I took advantage of it to the max.

The first time I spied on him was in the shower. There, for the first time I got to see his naked body. He was of normal build, not fat nor skinny, a bit tall and had few hair on him (I later learned he trimmed his chest, legs and groin). His cock was uncut and very meaty looking, but that time it was soft and I knew I would have to try and see it hard.

That opportunity came later, this time spying on him through his bedroom keyhole. The room was small and his bed was in front of the keyhole so I saw him sideways sitting on his bed with his laptop in his lap. I had spied on him before like this hoping that some day I would catch him watching porn but until then I had no luck. But on that first night I got very lucky!

I guess he was talking with his girlfriend because he had a web cam cam on and when I saw him get naked and started touching his cock a cold adrenalin rush passed through me. He started touching it until it became hard as a rock. I watched him as he pulled his foreskin down and put spit on his cock's head to lube it good and I could not hold it anymore. I dropped my shorts and began to jerk to that. I had to be very quiet so I wouldn't make any noise that made him know I was there. I watched him masturbate until he came on his belly and then I had to go to the bathroom and finish up so I wouldn't cum in the hallway. That would have been hard to explain...

I got lucky two other times seeing him masturbate but the real jackpot came when his girlfriend came to spend a weekend with us. I had met her once before. She was kinda chubby but that right amount of chubby that lets her have great natural boobs and a big ass without being obese. When he told me she was coming the idea of spying on them was so hot that I couldn't wait for her to arrive!

On the first night she was there I pretended to be very tired and went "to sleep" early, leaving them to themselves. It took a while but when I finally heard the door of his bedroom shut I moved into position, already feeling pumped up by the adrenaline rushing through me. When I looked through the keyhole he had already taken off her shirt and was kissing her in the neck. The look of those big boobs pressed by the bra made my cock instantly hard, and when he set them free I almost came... Those were beautiful tits, a bit saggy but so perfect I couldn't believe my luck watching that.

Then they layed down on the bed with her on top of him and she began taking off his shirt, pants, boxers and then she grabbed his already huge cock and began to stroke it for a bit. I was hoping for a little blowjob action but I guess he lucked out on that that night because she got on top of him and began to ride him. Her skirt was still on so I couldn't see all the action but seeing those huge tits jump up and down was awesome.

The chance for seeing her pussy came when she dismounted and took off the skirt. It was a nice trimmed pussy, not completely shaved but hot as hell. I then watched as he rammed her from behind, that big cock going in and out of that juicy pussy and I couldn't resist anymore. Before I could stop, I started Cumming. I pulled my boxers up quickly so all my cum got on them. Afraid I might have been hear I went back to my room to clean myself and change boxers. When I returned after a bit, they were already in bed together cuddling. I missed the big finale but it was one of the hottest voyeur experiences ever...

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